Naked Comedy 1: Naked Worker!

Naked Comedy 1:
Naked Comedy 2:
Naked Comedy 3:

Starring: Collibrina
This is the very first naked comedy show performed by Collibrina.
If enough people like her comedy, then she will do more naked comedy videos. Please help her by buying her videos!
Description: Funny and honest evaluation of what would happen if we responded to everyday jobs the way we do to people who are naked in some way for pay…all performed by an actual nude lady.
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Naked Salsa 1: Advanced Beginner

Teacher: Skye
Level: Advanced Beginner
In this video I have removed my clothes to get a greater sense of self as I execute some easy to learn Salsa dance choreography. I repeat a step a few times to put it into the muscle memory can prove to be very beneficial as well. This combination is one of my favorites and can be done by those who have had beginner level dance experience. I remove my clothes for more freedom of movement in the body. NYV0051F

Naked Brazilian/Axe(Ashay) Variations: Beginner

(Level: Beginner)
Teacher: Skye
In this video I am showing the different directions and rhythms that can be incorporated in traditional Axe dance. If you are interested in dancing or teaching dance; when it comes to choreography, one should use as much time space and energy as possible. Do not be afraid to venture out. Add changes that will make you become more intrigued with what you’re doing. Removing my clothes for this combination is necessary for freedom of movement. NYV0051E