• What is the difference between regular clothed yoga and naked yoga?

Naked yoga helps to create a closer connection with the body, yourself and your surroundings. Your skin, since it is fully exposed, will feel a deeper connection with the surfaces it touches as well as absorb the air around you. Practicing naked also cultivates acceptance of your body. It will help you remove barriers that you put up between you and the world, and you will come closer to noticing who you actually are. You will understand once you try naked yoga.

  • I don’t feel comfortable doing nude yoga, yet.

You don’t have to be naked if you are not ready. Our instructional videos can be used for clothed yoga practice as well. Since teachers are not wearing clothes, you are able to see how they are using their muscles. Clothed yoga is a good step towards accepting your body. Naked yoga brings you even closer.

  • Is Naked Yoga sexual?

No, it’s not sexual. However, there is nothing wrong even if you feel sexual during your naked yoga practice. Being sexual is an important aspect of being human. Although this is not the purpose of doing naked yoga, it is good to notice how you feel in your body during the practice. Bringing awareness to yourself without judgment will help you establish a deeper connection with yourself and those around you.

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