Naked Yoga for Smartphone Addicts 3: Combat Chest Compression! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL) with Collibrina

Teacher: Collibrina
(All Levels)

Naked Yoga for Smartphone Addicts 3 (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Collibrina
Today, I’ll teach you naked yoga sequences to combat routines we compress our ribs and heart and hunch our postures. We all know that technology plays a big role in most everyone’s lives, and although it brings huge advantages and conveniences, it also takes quite a toll on our posture. Looking at cell phones extends our neck, and being at computers rounds our shoulders forward. In this video, made for all fitness levels, you’ll enjoy different gentle stretches to relax certain muscle groups, and strengthen others. All you will need is a mat, and get ready to dive into the land of neck rolls, chin tucks, supine twists and more! -NYV0184C