Naked Yoga for Full Moon 2: Full Moon Salutation! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Elle Tulle + Elena

Teacher: Elle Tulle
Student: Elena
(All levels)
Do you get Full Moon Effects (Lunar Effect)? This class is for you! Whether you’re a hobby astrologist or couldn’t tell a full moon from a half moon you can join us for this flow. We will be doing a moon salutation to honor and hone the energy that’s present during a full moon. Learn more about the power of a full moon and why it’s good to flow during one.
We’ll go through the following poses: Mountain Pose, Upward Salute, Side Bend, Forward Fold, Backbend, Half Lift, 5 Pointed Star Pose, Goddess Pose, Warrior II, Reverse Warrior II, Triangle Pose, Runners Lunge, Internal Twist, External Twist, Low Lunge, Half Moon, Pyramid Pose, and Wide Legged Forward Fold. -NYV0145C