Naked Yoga for Core Strength 5 (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Elle Tulle + Suzana

Teacher: Elle Tulle
Student: Suzana
(Intermediate Level)
This is a class for all those who wish to have a stronger center and more stable core. Our core is so integral to all that we do so it’s vital we feel secure and strong in it. This class is dedicated to developing those core muscles and turning our attention to ways we can strengthen up!
In this class we will move through the following poses:
Wag The Tail,
Cat/Cow with explorations,
Child’s pose,
Balancing Table Pose,
Balancing Table Pose Crunches,
Gate pose,
Child’s pose,
Downward Facing Dog,
High Plank,
Forearm high plank,
Modified flow,
Baby cobra,
Sphinx Pose,
Full vinyasa flow,
Forward fold,
Standing Side bends,
Chair pose,
Revolved chair pose,
Knee Curls,
Three legged dog,
Warrior 2,
Flying Warrior,
Reverse warrior,
Wide legged forward fold,
Side plank with variations,
Tree pose with arm variation,
Locust Pose,
Bow pose,
Modified bridge pose,
Spinal rock.

Naked Yoga for Core Strength 5