Naked Yoga for Balance 5: Beginner Balance Poses! (Naked Yoga School) with Sage

Teacher: Sage
(Level: Beginners)
Today’s focus is balance. We struggle in finding balance in our daily lives. Finding that strength but suppleness. This can be incorporated into yoga. This is a great easy flow and demo on how to get into simple balance poses for beginners. As you come across your yoga practice, you will find that teachers will incorporate poses to help you focus on your balance. Balancing is more then just standing on one foot, but it can relieve stress and help with your focus. It is all about finding your ground, lightening, and using your core. It may be tough in the beginning, and if you fall, it is ok. Just get back up. We all fall and we all make mistakes. It can be a strange sensation, almost as if your relearning how to stand or ride a bike. Remember to always breath in the asanas, including the balance poses. Always, work from the ground up. Getting your bearings finding your weight and using the length to stand tall and your core to keep yourself center. But once your have practiced, your sense of focus and strength with be so much more powerful. -NYV0104B

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