Naked Yoga: Twisting Poses for Digestive Health! (Naked Yoga School) with Michael & Cat Noble

Teacher: Michael
Student: Cat Noble
(Level: Basic)
Twisting poses wring out the organs of the abdominal cavity, which has a strong effect on digestive health. This sequence can be helpful for anyone experiencing indigestion, bloating, and other issues related to digestion and elimination. A regular practice of twisting poses can improve your ability to absorb nutrients as well. While twists are also beneficial to the length and strength of the spine, care should be taken to maintain even axial rotation of the vertebrae to avoid introducing unwanted curvatures or asymmetries. The format of this video is instructional, providing a sequence you can follow while you watch. Poses taught in this video include Revolved Standing Lunge (parivrtta anjaneyasana), a short vinyasa sequence using Downward Facing Dog (adho mukha svanasana) as transition, and Seated Twist (ardha matsyendrasana). Keywords: twisting poses, spine rotation, digestion, abdominal massage. -NYV0093B

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