Naked Workout for Core Strength! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Cecile

Teacher: Cecile
(Level: Intermediate)

Naked Workout for Core Strength! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Cecile

Core is one of the most important areas to work! Our core is what holds our body together and keeps us standing upright. For anyone with back pain, or looking to build overall strength and stability, this is a great exercise for you.
This is a challenging but well worth it set of core exercises. Please have a mat or soft surface available as we will be spending most of our time on the ground. Water bottle encouraged.

– Downward dog, flow through to a plank and upward dog, and abdominal stretch. Allow an ample amount of time to roll wrists. Find a table top and include a few cat cows into your practice.

– plank on your forearms, and push back with your hips aiming towards the ceiling.
– forearms plank, and tilt your hips over to the L and then to the R,
just hovering hips right above touching the mat.
– forearm plank again, but this time rock back and forth, keeping core tight, quads engaged, an exercising shoulders.

– full plank up on hands, then tap your R hand forward and L, resisting
moving hips back and forth.
– full plank on hands, then go down onto your forearms and back up onto hands.
– plank onto your R side and reach your other arm to the sky, then “thread it through” like a needle. Repeat this on your L side.

– bicycle crunch (opposite knee to opposite elbow)
– opposite leg touch fingertips, keeping leg and arm as straight as possible
– on back, legs come to 90 degree, then tap each foot down R and L
– Come up to elbows or palms, still laying on back, and tuck knees in R
and L. Put a water bottle in the middle of mat and go on either side.

– all fours again, and flow a few cat/cows.