Naked Prenatal Tantric Yoga 2: Labor Positions with Partner! (Naked Yoga School) with Cara

Teacher: Cara and Rosco
(All Levels: Asana for pregnant women)
Pushing through to the end-result = goal-oriented (just like w/ sex) neglects the extraordinary journey, the fullness of lessons we could learn along the way.  Giving birth is a creative act, and like all creative acts it cannot be forced to conform to society’s unnatural time constraints. The insistence on pushing in labor is a reflection of our cultural attitude that force and haste are superior to trust and patience. Pushing can be dangerous to both the mother and the baby. When a woman is pushing she is holding her breath. Oxygen therefore, is not going to her uterus which makes contracting more difficult and painful. It is also not going to her baby. This can lead to a drop in the fetal heart rate and possible brain damage. Tearing of the perineum is more common for women who have pushed over a long period of time and studies show that pushing does not necessarily get a baby out faster anyway.  Practicing labor positions with your partner ahead of time can help you learn to slow down, absorb the fullness of each pause, and BREATHE.
In this practice, you will learn: Lunge Release on wall; Lunge Release on chair; Standing Hang Release; Forward Bend Sacrum Press on Ball-medial and downward; Hands and Knees Lower Back Release; Chair Back Release; Bonding and Visualization in Upavista Konasana (Extended Straddle); Side-Lying Touch Relaxation Exercise. -NYV0023E

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