Naked Orgasmic Birth Practice: Dynamic Relaxation! (Nude Prenatal Yoga) Naked Yoga School with Cara

Teacher: Cara
(All Levels: Yoga for pregnant women)
I have been researching the physiology of female orgasm and female ejaculation since the mid-90s. Now that I am pregnant and investigating orgasmic birth, I am including the politics of childbirth into this matrix of hyper-medicalized cultural conditioning which uproots our most basic human functions. Vulnerability as a form of strength is key to reclaiming the wisdom of our bodies. Pregnancy/Labor/ChildBirth mirror the most remarkable contraction: What is the most NORMAL part of our bodies’ capacity is also the most miraculous. For almost 15 years, I have been teaching Iyengar yoga, Body Consciousness Workshops, Yoga and Sexuality Workshops – Prenatal Work is the culmination!!! In this practice, the emphasis is on nourishing the parasympathetic nervous system. Breath-awareness is a key to help secrete endorphins and inhibit the release of adrenaline. The Law of Sphincters tells us when we relax the jaw, we relax the cervix and uterus; when we release our lips, we release our perineum muscles and pelvic floor. There is a natural expulsive process of the muscles when they are relaxed. Pushing may not be needed for childbirth if the mother feels completely relaxed and confident: safety, darkness, warmth, and privacy are essential elements in this process. It is critical to not stimulate her neocortex.
In this practice, you will learn: Supported Baddha Konasana (Cobbler Pose) w/Oval Breathing and Soft Pelvic Floor-Eye exercises, Tongue/Jaw Qi Gong Exercise; Virasana (Hero Pose)- Horse Lips=Cervical Dilation, Exhilarating/Excruciating Toe Pose-Irrelevant Tension Focus, All Fours (orgasmic birthing videos): Diagonal Stretch Reach-wrist alternatives, Lion’s Breath-Pituitary Gland Focus, Gomukhasana (Cow Pose) legs, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Bridge w/Sacrum block. -NYV0023A

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