Naked Ecstatic Birthing Ball 1 (Orgasmic Birth Practice/ Nude Prenatal Yoga) Naked Yoga School with Cara

Teacher: Cara
(All Levels)
Trusting your intuition becomes an essential part of labor and childbirth – this may involve exploring parts of our body and consciousness that have been socialized out of us. Many women have orgasms during birth, but may interpret them as pain because the sensations are more intense than anything previously experienced and because women (everyone) are conditioned to expect pain.  The SAME RECEPTORS IN BRAIN FUNCTION FOR BOTH PLEASURE AND PAIN. A single orgasm is thought to be 22 times as relaxing as the average tranquilizer. Often, it’s exactly what a woman needs in order to relieve the tension that is preventing the birth response from doing its job. Most doctors, however, are either unaware of this fact, or prefer more artificial methods.
In this practice, you will learn: Eyes closed-Hip rotations/Ribs rotations on ball; Half dog w/ catcow and rotations; Squats; Upavista Konasana w/side bend, Parsva Konasana (Side Angle Extended Stretch); Virabhandrasana II (Warrior II); Virabhandrasana I (Warrior I); Airport Hip Opener w/Namaste behind back. -NYV0023B

Naked Yoga School