Naked Ecstatic Birthing Ball 2 (Orgasmic Birth Practice/ Nude Prenatal Yoga) Naked Yoga School with Cara

Teacher: Cara
(All Levels)
This practice is about choosing when and how to let go and hold on. We cannot separate what we believe about life from what we believe about birth. We can use sex and sensuality awareness as a conscious tool for induction, relaxation, and propulsion. The same body parts and hormones that are involved (oxtytocin, relaxin, prostaglandin) during sex are involved during labor and childbirth. Once we understand that the LOVE HORMONES stimulate the Natural Expulsive Reflex (NER)/ Fetal Ejection Reflex (i.e., uterine contractions) we can learn to build confidence in our bodies innate wisdom. Labor and childbirth can become the lived/embodied concept of the Erotic:  the infinite connection with oneself, with the universe. Practicing Contraction/Expansion and finally, how to CHOOSE, can allow us to let go. Often, control leads to unconscious contraction; resistance leads to pain. Instead, even just noticing the contraction can change our habitual reaction to what we think is pain (the unfamiliar).
In this practice, you will learn: Standing Balance Pose Front/Back; Standing Balance Pose Lateral; Child’s Pose Roll; Bridge lift w/ Ball under shoulder blades; Torso Twist (Gate Pose); Hip Release on Back-roll back/forth; Setu Bandha (Bridge Pose) w/Feet on Ball; Legs Elevated. -NYV0023C

Naked Yoga School