Naked Muay Thai 12: Catching & Retrieving the Leg!

Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Gigi Jimiiji
(Level: Beginner)
This video will demonstrate how to catch an opponent’s leg off of a body kick, what to do once you have caught the leg, and how to retrieve your leg if you’ve been caught. For these drills, it is very helpful to have a training partner and proper equipment (gloves and shin guards) is recommended at all times.
Martial arts can be practiced for any reason from combat to meditation and they result in a sense of discipline, confidence and responsibility as well as a deeper understanding of human nature and the Self. Muay Thai (also called the Art of Eight Limbs or Thai boxing) is a stand-up striking art. Since the introduction of equipment and boxing rings, Muay Thai has become a competitive combat sport and is popular with MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters as a striking strategy. -NYV0082D