Naked Muay Thai 11: Clinch Engagement and Movement!

Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Gigi Jimiiji
(Level: Beginner)
This video will demonstrate a very unique aspect of Muay Thai, how to fight in the clinch. Many people consider Muay Thai a form of kickboxing, but the clinch, which involves grappling to control the opponent’s head and scoring points with knees, elbows and sweeps, is not part of the majority of kickboxing competitions. To prepare for our clinch work, we warm up with knees and arm movements. And then move on to proper technique for controlling the head and review the two different types of knees practitioners may use to score points in the clinch. For these drills, it is very helpful to have a training partner and proper equipment is recommended at all times.
Martial arts can be practiced for any reason from combat to meditation and they result in a sense of discipline, confidence and responsibility as well as a deeper understanding of human nature and the Self. Muay Thai (also called the Art of Eight Limbs or Thai boxing) is a stand-up striking art. Since the introduction of equipment and boxing rings, Muay Thai has become a competitive combat sport and is popular with MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters as a striking strategy. -NYV0082C