Naked Muay Thai 10: Setting Up Kicks with Hands!

Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Gigi Jimiiji
(Level: Beginner)
This video will demonstrate how to disguise a leg attack by distracting the opponent with hand combinations. Once practitioners are comfortable with the basic techniques of Muay Thai, we delve more into the mental aspect and learn how the fight becomes an intelligent strategy game. We introduce three different drills that build upon each other to condition the opponent’s mind not to expect a leg kick. For these drills, it is very helpful to have a training partner and proper equipment (gloves and shin guards) is recommended at all times.
Martial arts can be practiced for any reason from combat to meditation and they result in a sense of discipline, confidence and responsibility as well as a deeper understanding of human nature and the Self. Muay Thai (also called the Art of Eight Limbs or Thai boxing) is a stand-up striking art. Since the introduction of equipment and boxing rings, Muay Thai has become a competitive combat sport and is popular with MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters as a striking strategy. -NYV0082B