1 Hour Naked Yoga: Forward-Fold Poses for Back Health! (Naked Yoga School) with Michael & Collibrina

Full-Video: https://vimeo.com/229302719/
Teacher: Michael
Student: Collibrina
(Level: Basic)
Forward Bending poses help open and lengthen the back body, which is an essential component in restoring and maintaining a healthy back. Forward bends naturally direct the attention inward, and they’re recommended for calming, cooling and contemplative experiences. Due to these qualities, forward bends are frequently included in a restorative practice and may be prescribed to help quiet down before sleep. The instructional format of this video offers you a class on forward bending that you can follow while you watch. Poses included in this video include Child’s Pose (balasana), Downward Facing Dog (adho mukha svanasana), Standing Forward Bend (uttanasana), One Side Forward Bend (parsvottanasana), and a seat sequence of Staff (dandasana), Cobbler’s Pose (baddha konasana), Wide Leg Seated Forward Bend (upavistha konasana), Head to Knee (janu sirsanasana), and Seated Forward Bend (paschimottanasana).  -NYV0095B

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