Naked Yoga To Strength Core 9 (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Lee Perry

Teacher: Lee Perry
(Level: Advanced)

Today, I will teach you to have a stronger center and more stable core! Our core is so integral to all! We will focus on strengthening our deepest most core muscles. You will learn how to stabilize the core to achieve better posture and flexibility in the spine and limbs! We will think of the core as the muscles that start at the base of the pelvic floor, through the whole abdominal region, through the upper torso, all the way to the top of the neck. In this integrative approach to core work we will focus on strengthening these deep muscles will playing with moving our extremities to challenge our balance. We will play with small ranges of movement, challenging ourselves to maintain stability through the torso while exploring what movement is possible in our joints. Join me! NYV0180B