Naked Yoga to Prepare for Handstands! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Abi + Suzana

Teacher: Abi
Student: Suzana
(All Levels)
I know you wanna try a cool Handstand! But wait! Don’t rush, yet! You may injure your shoulders, if you are not prepared enough! In this class, I will help you train shoulder strength, core and the muscles you need to develop in order to be able to do a handstand!
It’s very important that you do the exercises correctly and always keep an engaged core and to not overarch your back when doing the plank or the walking on the wall exercises!
This series of exercises can be repeated 2-3 times and then you can do the last part of the class which is a cool down where we will gently stretch the muscles that we used to avoid being sore and tensed the day following the workout.
A strong beginner level and up will be good for this class.
It moves slow enough that a total beginner could also get the benefits of the practice depending on their level of fitness and familiarity with working out. -NYV0140B