Naked Yoga: Standing Poses for Balance and Grounding! (Naked Yoga School) with Michael & Cat Noble

Teacher: Michael
Student: Cat Noble
(Level: Basic)
Standing poses strengthen and energize your feet, legs and hips, but they can also challenge our sense of balance. This sequence includes alignment and activation queues to help you increase the stability of your standing poses. Standing poses can help improve your balance, both physically as well as emotionally. The feeling of groundedness, of planting yourself firmly in space, is a great way to focus a distracted mind. The format of this video is instructional, providing a sequence you can follow while you watch. Poses taught in this video include Mountain (tadasana), Lunge (anjanasana), Chair (utkatasana), Warrior 2 (virabhadrasana 2), Triangle (trikonasana), Extended Side Angle (parsvotanasana), and Half Moon (arda chandrasana). Keywords: standing poses, balance, grounding, foundation, stability. NYV0093A