Naked Yoga for Body Acceptance 4 (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Elle Tulle + Ashley

Teacher: Elle Tulle
Student: Ashley
(Level: All levels)

Naked Yoga for Body Acceptance 4 (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Elle Tulle + Ashley
Today, we will be quite intimate and personal in this naked yoga practice video! We will learn to love and accept our bodies for the way they are while doing some healthy movements. There will be testing and intimacy of positivities between us, practicing together! Also, we are going to practice naked yoga ritual, in order to learn to love and accept our bodies. All bodies are welcome for this personal and intimate practice! This class is for anyone who wants to love on themselves more! If you are interested in a flow that’s internal and intentional in bringing you closer to yourself, this is for you! Everything offered is an invitation and you are encouraged to remember to always check in with your body to see what you need. Summary of asana poses: Forward Fold with Clasped Hands, Half Lift, Low Lunge, Crescent Lunge, Modified Flow, Cobra, Hip Opener, Chair Pose, Side Bends, Sphinx Pose, Gentle Mermaid Pose, Head Rotations, Reclined Pigeon Pose, Reclined Twist. Show your body some love! Your body is beautiful! This pracice is a comforting yoga flow where you show yourself a bit of extra self love! This slow, soothing and meditative stretching practice is to help anyone and everyone feel more at home and kind to their bodies, even in moments of challenging self image. -NYV0198D