Naked Witchcraft 1: Calming Hip Openers (Preparation for Meditation)

Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Collibrina
(All levels)
This video is good for those with tight hips or those wishing to sit more comfortably for meditation.
In many modern yoga classes, the physical poses (asana) are front and center, seen as an end in and of themselves. But what many practitioners do not know is that the poses were originally developed to help aid practitioners in preparing the body and mind for long periods of meditation. You may have noticed in your own meditation practice that trying to transition from daily life to seated meditation is not always easy on your mind or your hip joints; you also may have noticed that after a physical class you sometimes experience a lovely feeling of balance and flow. The original yogis of India harnessed this physical and mental harmony created through the poses, carrying it over into their meditation practice and making it easier to attain higher states of realization. This video introduces a short series of poses for all levels, focused on opening the hips and stimulating blood flow throughout the body so that the practitioner may sit for longer periods of meditation with minimal discomfort or distraction. -NYV0067A