ASMR: Naked Witchcraft 2: Third Eye (Ajna) Focus for Self-Reflection!

Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Collibrina
(All levels)
This video is good for those who are easily distracted, or anyone wishing to learn their own unconscious thoughts and habits.
Many modern yoga classes teach only the asana (poses), relegating practitioners’ journeys to the physical realm. However, the postures were originally practiced to prepare the body for meditation, leading to deeper exploration of the nature and capabilities of the mind and its connection to both physical and energetic (subtle) existence. This video will guide practitioners through a meditation on the sixth chakra, known as the third eye or ajna. We employ a pratyahara (sense withdrawal) technique of focusing the physical eyes on the third eye to help harness our concentration, then we turn the focus inward to observe our own physical, mental and emotional patterns and habits. This is meant to bring our unconscious habits into the conscious mind so that we can make rational decisions about whether or not each pattern is useful. You may think of it as tilling the soil of your mind, turning up rocks and weeds, and leaving behind fertile ground for new, helpful habits to grow. -NYV0067B