ASMR: Naked Witchcraft 3: Preparing for Astral Projection! (Yoga Nidra)

Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Collibrina
(Intermediate level)
Anyone can try it, but it may be frustrating for those without a strong foundation in meditation, especially Vipassana.
This video will guide practitioners through the art of Yoga Nidra, also known as “yogic sleep” wherein the body is allowed to fall asleep while the mind stays conscious. Adding conscious awareness to the processes of healing and integration that happen during regular sleep makes for a profound and effective rest for both mind and body. From this state between dreaming and waking, the practitioner may also attempt lucid dreaming or even try to cultivate an out of body experience. In order to prepare the consciousness to separate from the body, this video employs a non-traditional nidra technique, beginning with the limbs and working toward the center of the body, then moving to the head. This is usually the order in which practitioners find it easiest to separate from their bodies. Once the video has ended, please feel free to continue the practice as long as you like. It is advisable to set an alarm if you are not practicing before bed, as newer practitioners tend to fall asleep. -NYV0067C