ASMR: Naked Witchcraft 4: Astral Projection!

Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Collibrina
(Intermediate-Advanced Level)
Anyone can try it, but it may be frustrating for those without a strong foundation in meditation and/or yoga nidra practice.
Astral projection is simply a way of describing an out of body experience, one in which the consciousness (pranic body) feels separated, or temporarily freed from, the physical body. Practitioners are recommended to either begin with the video Guided Meditations: Yoga Nidra, Preparing for Astral Projection, or have a strong yoga nidra practice. This video will guide practitioners through an out of body experience – we will begin with the state of yoga nidra, then systematically separate the consciousness from the body, spend a little time testing our limitations, and finally we safely reunite the two bodies. If you cannot separate the first time, please do not be discouraged! Like any other practice, progress takes time and dedication. There are many different beliefs regarding the application and practicality of astral projection, but at the very least, we know that it is a fun experience and a great way to learn about the capabilities and limitations of your own mind. Truly, we create our own realities. -NYV0067D