Naked Self-Massage Techniques 1: Full Body!

(All levels)
Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Collibrina
This practice is good for people with sore muscles, stiff joints, anxiety.
Soft tissue manipulation is a vital part of maintaining a healthy body – it helps to relax tight muscles and connective tissue, assist in the body’s cleansing processes, and release endorphins to soothe an overactive nervous system. However, issues such as time, affordability and comfort level can prevent us from scheduling a professional massage. This video will demonstrate techniques that you can use at home to reap the healing benefits of massage, using only oil, a towel, and your own two hands. This head-to-toe self-massage can be performed at any time and as often as you desire, but is especially recommended in the morning before you shower, after a physical training session, or in the evening before bed. Please be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards to assist the excretory system. NYV0059A