Naked Office Yoga 10: Asana At Your Desk! (Naked Yoga School)

Teacher: Ivy
(Beginner level)
Good news – you don’t even have to leave your desk to perform some simple yoga poses that will help relieve stress and fatigue.  Even if you’re pressed for time, you can still enjoy the benefits of a few moments of movement and self-awareness in the middle of your busy day.  All of the asanas in this series can be performed while sitting at your desk.  We begin with relaxing neck rolls to release the tension – both mental and physical – that long hours of sitting creates.  A short self-massage of the temples is a nourishing way center yourself.  Next, we learn to do a seated spinal twist at the desk, bringing the same detoxifying effects of twists in a yoga class to the middle of your work day.  After a calming seated forward bend, we end standing in conscious meditation. NYV0037C