Naked Car Yoga! (Naked Yoga School) with Sage

Teacher: Sage
(All Levels)
This is the time of year, where everyone is traveling for the holidays. If you are in the car for long period of time getting to those family members, here are some great asanas and stretches that the body can benefit from. This practice can also be incorporated for an airplane seat as well just be aware and consciences of your neighbor as you do not want to disturb them. Often from sitting in the care the legs need to be stretched and the lower back lacks support. By rolling a towel or a blanket and placing it underneath your tailbone can provide a lift and help resign the back and achieve a natural curve in the spine. Leg stretches will benefit the body with blood circulation. Also, simple movement of such as cat and cow in a seated position can help realign the back and help open the chest and shoulders while maintaining a better posture. Always remember to drink fluids if you are sitting for long periods. -NYV108B