Naked Booty Workout 3: Naked Yoga To Sculpt Your Butt 3 (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Cecile

Teacher: Cecile
(Level: Intermediate and Advanced)

Naked Booty Workout 3: Naked Yoga To Sculpt Your Butt 3 (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Cecile
Get your heart pumping with some HIIT (high intensity interval training), and toning and sculpting routines!
High Intensity Interval Training means working really vigorously for 45 seconds, and resting for 15.
Blast your music, and get ready to move, challenge, and surprise yourself by hitting new goals!
This exercise is geared towards the intermediate and advanced with prior exercising experience.
But just because this exercise is more challenging, doesn’t mean it’s intimidating. Grab a friend, and try this one together

STRETCH: Walkouts into a plank, and walk hands back to feet. Boxer shuffle from side to side, butt kicks.

1. curtsy lunge with R leg going behind and to the side, keeping hips tracking forward. Repeat on the L side
2. Sumo squat, feet and legs go out to the side, in almost a plie. Hips go back, chest stays upright.
3. Sumo squat, but now lift R heel up, and then L heel up. Alternate back and forth.
4. Squat jump. Squat, bring knees so they track forward, and springboard into a jump. Option to come to tip toes instead of jump,
5. 1,2,3 squat jumps. Jump from legs together, middle, and wide.
6. Outer thigh raise R leg with flexed foot, option to hold onto a chair. Repeat on L side.

1. Come to table top, lift R leg, and point toes to the ceiling and pulse. Repeat on L side. Point toes, and then flex feet.
2. Rainbow knee. On all fours, R knee crosses behind the L and then out to the side. Repeat on the L side.
3. Fire hydrant. On all fours, with bent knee tilt leg out to the side and engage your glutes and outer thighs. Repeat on L side. Then point toe and tap out to the side.
4. Lay on your side, propping your head up with your hand. Create circles with your outer leg, turn over and repeat on opposite side.

Pigeon on both the R and L, “Criss cross apple sauce” and put R foot on L thigh, and hinge forward. Repeat on the other side.

PROPS: Mat, chair (optional) and bottle of water encouraged.