Naked Yogic Breathing 1 (Pranayama): The Bandhas and Nadi Shodhana!

Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Collibrina
(Level: Beginner-Intermediate)
The styles of yoga most popular around the world these days tend to focus on asana, the poses. Traditionally, however, yoga is considered to have eight “limbs” or aspects, with asana being the third. All of the limbs work together to create the full practice, and no single limb is more important or necessary than another. Pranayama, translated in English as “breath work”, is the fourth limb. The way that we breathe controls the flow of “prana” (like qi or life force energy) through the body.
This video will teach practitioners the bandhas (energetic locks to move prana up the spinal column), as well as nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), which balances the two main energetic channels in the body and can help to focus and balance the mind. Practitioners will learn how to employ the bandhas alone and in a few different asana. We will also learn proper technique for nadi shodhana, including how to properly incorporate the bandhas.