Naked Yoga with Props 5: Straps for Beginners!

Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Collibrina
(Beginner Level)
This yoga props exercise video is good for people with limited flexibility. Props can be daunting for yogis unfamiliar with how to incorporate them into practice, but after becoming more comfortable with props, you will see that there really is no wrong way to use them. Yoga props are primarily a method of keeping a practitioner’s alignment intact, without forcing them further into a pose than their body is prepared for. This video will demonstrate how to use a yoga strap in beginner-level poses such as paschimottanasana (seated forward fold), janu sirsasana (forehead-to-knee) and a variation of spinal twist to ease the practitioner’s body into the desired alignment. Also included are demonstrations of how to use the strap to open the ankle joints and release tension in the upper back, neck and hamstrings. The use of a strap will help the practitioner close distance between body parts and provide leverage to work into these poses without straining, helping to lead beginner yogis toward a more comfortable, alignment-based practice. NYV0062A