Naked Yoga with Props 1: Blocks for Accessibility!

(All levels)
Teacher: Cat Noble,
Student: Wara
This practice is good for people with limited flexibility. Props can be daunting for yogis unfamiliar with how to incorporate them into practice, but after becoming more comfortable with props, you will see that there really is no wrong way to use them. Widely endorsed by B.K.S. Iyengar, yoga props are primarily a method of keeping a practitioner’s alignment intact, without forcing them further into a pose than their body is prepared for. This video will demonstrate how to use yoga blocks to make poses such as trikonasana (triangle) and ardha chandrasana (balancing half moon) more accessible to practitioners who have trouble reaching the ground, or simply feel overextended and uncomfortable in the full expression of the pose. Other poses demonstrated with modifications include easy pose, chair, warrior III, butterfly and puppy pose. Blocks will help the practitioner align his/her body in order to feel proper muscular engagement without overworking the joints. NYV0061A