Naked Office Yoga 4: For Your Lower Torso! (Naked Yoga School)

Teacher: Michael,
Student: Wara,
(Level: Basic)
Office Yoga for your lower torso puts you in touch with your hips, belly and lower back. These are the foundations of any seated posture so you don’t want to ignore this vital region of the body, yet many of us do take this area of the body for granted. The results may sound familiar: low back pain, sore hips, and numbness in the hips. But perhaps even more detrimental are the digestive and eliminative disorders that can arise when we don’t liberate the lower torso: ulcers, incontinence, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids. If that’s not enough to get your hips swinging and your belly churning (in a good way), then you might be compelled by yet another benefit of this practice: improved sensual vitality.