Naked Night Ritual Practice!

Teacher: Collibrina
(All Levels)
Collibrina leads us through a bedtime ritual. Rituals and habit forming help us feel strength and stability through the chaos of our lives. Everyone’s ritual is different! Healthy rituals can replace bad habits in something known as “habit replacement.” This is a technique often used to get over a vice like smoking or drinking that is harmful to one’s health. Before deciding which habits one would want to replace, it is wise to also see which habits are healthy enough to keep. Below is detail of my Naked Night Ritual Practice!
Come home,
Take off my shoes!
Take off my clothes!
Take off makeup,
Brush my teeth,
Floss my teeth,
Singing while showering,
Wash my face with cold water,
Putting lotion on my face,
Make peppermint tea,
Putting body lotion on my body,
Putting lotion on my face, again,
Read a book,
Drinking peppermint tea,
And go to bed naked!
Good Night!!!
– NYV0097C