Naked Full Body HIIT Workout: Naked Cardio! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Cecile

Teacher: Cecile
(Level: Advanced)

Naked Full Body HIIT Workout: Naked Cardio! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Cecile
Welcome to a fast and furious workout! Do you only have 20 minutes today in your busy schedule? Not a problem, this exercise will have you dripping in sweat, and leave you feeling accomplished and strong! HIIT stands for ‘High-Intensity Interval Training,’ meaning working really vigorously for 45 seconds, and resting for 15. I recommend this workout for seasoned exercisers or someone looking for a more advanced workout. If you have knee problems, I recommend finding a gentler workout as this one comes with some jumping. Don’t let this description scare you away: You are more powerful than you know!

WARMUP: Boxer shuffle side to side, sink into a small squat and move feet quickly, big exaggerated skips,

HIIT: 45 seconds of work. 15 seconds rest.
1: jumping jacks
2: lunge back with your L leg, follow leg through, and kick in front
3: repeat on the R side
4: sink low into a squat, and side step (step, together, step) and power into a squat jump
5: burpees (option to half burpee): jumping into the air, hands come to ground, jump legs back a plank, pushup, jump legs back in, and repeat.

“V sit up,” legs stay long and together, and arms come from above head, to meet together forming a ‘V’ with your body
Plank feet on ground, lean back, and twist body R and L into an exercise called “Russian twist”
Lay on your back, placing your hands under your lower back for added support, or just pushing your lower back into the mat, lower legs until they hover just an inch above mat, and raise them again Flip over into a plank, and it’s time for “mountain climbers,” Alternating knees come into chest and aim for speed and precision Hold your plank, and then push hips back into a downward dog, and repeat.
The transition from holding the plank, into the swift movement of downward dog will leave your muscles feeling fiery!

STRETCH: criss cross legs in front, and hinge forward with hands, legs come together and pike forward pointing and flexing feet. -NYV0154D