Naked Arm Workout Using Household Items! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Cecile

Teacher: Cecile
(All Levels)

You can do workout practices in the comfort of your own room using common kitchen objects!
I will demonstrate workouts using household items such as soup cans and water bottles as weights to help you build strength strong arms, chest, and shoulders! Let’s examine how to bring the mind-body awareness you craft at the gym studio back home into your daily life and routine. Now, you have no excuse! Just follow me and let’s do naked workout, right now! This exercise is a doable, innovative and fun exercise for any age and fitness levels!

Workout Breakdown:
Stretch: Wrist rolls, crossbody stretch R and L arms, extend fingertips, roll shoulders.

Arms: Arms circle forward and backwards, pulse back and front, and repeat.

Biceps: full bicep curl (with soup cans or water bottles as heavier option) full curl, bicep curl half way and release, bicep curl half way palms facing the ceiling and extend out in front, add a pulse.

Shoulders: Full bicep curls, and add a shoulder press (arms meet above the head), continue just the shoulder press, arms come to a 90 degree angle (otherwise known as “cactus arms” or “goal post”) arms alternate coming to center, then both arms to center, and extend. As arms are in turn palms to face your forehead, as arms open, wrists twist and extend into a full shoulder press. Elbows together, and pulse fingertips or soup cans towards the ceiling.

Triceps: Overhead tricep dip, now tilt body to a 45 degree angle, elbows come up to your side, and extend arms back into a tricep extension slow and controlled. Flip palms up and pulse to the ceiling, then pulse the soup cans towards each other behind your back.

Chest: Keeping the 45 degree tilt in body, round arms in front to imitate a beach ball, extend arms out to the side for a chest fly.

Stretch: Come down to all fours, find a childs pose and extend arms to the left, right and center, allowing a long stretch in the side body.