Spring Naked Yoga: Fresh Start after a Long Break!

Full-Video: https://vimeo.com/219112922
Instructor: Trix E. Sleeves
Student: Collibrina
(All Levels)
We’ve all been there. You have a yoga practice, but you haven’t been sticking with it. It may have been a while since you practiced, and your body may be feeling a little stiff. Don’t be hard on yourself for slipping out of practice, because we’ve done it too, especially during the wintertime! Whether you’re coming out of “hibernation” or just getting started with a yoga practice, this video introduces a sequence designed to open the hips, shoulders and anywhere else that may be a little tense. Congratulate yourself for showing up on your mat today, because just getting in some practice is a step in the right direction!
In this video you will learn: Breathing techniques in comfortable seated position, core engagement (uddiyana bandha), simple twists, cat and cow postures (spine movement), adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog), pigeon pose, leg lunges/splits, child’s pose with side stretch, gomukhasana (cow face pose). -NYV0096B