Naked Yoga for Breakup!

Instructor: Trix E. Sleeves
(All Levels)
Breaking up sucks, don’t we all know. It can often leave us feeling worthless and depressed, and as a result lethargic and not interested in things we once found enjoyable, including physical activity. This video is designed for anyone who has gone through a breakup and has maybe neglected their yoga practice as a result, or anyone looking for a remedy for depression. Lots of attention will be given to the heart chakra and the hips, as these are areas where we tend to carry lots of emotional baggage and tension. No matter what your situation is, yoga can be the perfect way to lift even a small weight off of your shoulders, so take a deep breath because you’ve earned it!
In this video you will learn: Child’s Pose, Cat and Cow Poses (Spinal Extension), Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog), Cobra Pose (heart opener), Lunges (hip opener)