Naked Workout using a Towel! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Cecile

Teacher: Cecile
(All Levels)

Naked Workout using a Towel! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Cecile
I absolutely love using household items to incorporate into my workout, because during a quarantine time, we don’t always have access to gym equipment such as hand weights or machines. Grab a tea towel, or even just a pillowcase; the goal here is to keep constant tension and activation in our muscles by pulling on either end of the tea towel. This workout will raise your heart-rate but in a slow, steady, and doable rate!

(2 ROUNDS, FIRST ON KNEES, SECOND IN SQUAT): Twirl tea towel and make it
taut on either end, engaging in a spinal twist R and L. Now move towel up
above head, and then out front. Twist R and L “walking” your hands up 4
counts, and 4 counts back down. Then row R and L, imitating rowing in a
kayak or rowboat. Two rounds of this will leave those arms nice and warm.

ABS: Lay down on your back keeping the tea towel overhead and tighten core
into a full sit up, Next raise your legs so that your feet are towards the
ceiling, and raise your towel into a toe touch. Place feet on the ground,
knees bent, and crunch to the R and to the L with your tea towels, engaging
your side abdominals.

LEGS/CARDIO: Deadlift on one leg reaching forward, repeat 5 times, and
switch to other leg. Set towel on the ground and ski jump to either side of
tea towel, Standing in between the towel engage in a series of butt kicks
and high kness. Repeat this series for two rounds.

STRETCH: On the floor, wrap towel around the arch of your foot and stretch
forward, then to back and open leg for a deep hip stretch. Sitting up in a
criss cross position, use the towel to aid in a shoulder stretch.
Et voila! Your household items have a whole new purpose!