Naked Prenatal Yoga 8: Preparing for Breast-Feeding! (Stabilizing the Shoulder Joints)

(All Levels)
Teacher: Cara
One of the most significant aspects of a natural childbirth is what follows – the lactation-bonding process.   In order to reduce tension in the neck and shoulder area, whether or not one is carrying and/or breasting their child, we can learn to integrate the upper arm bones in the shoulder sockets. Using core strength and not straining the neck or back, this conscious integration helps stabilize the muscles of the torso.
In this practice, you will learn: (Safe Neck Rolls), Virasana (Hero Pose) w/Cactus Arms; Thumbs in Armpits; Oval Breathing, w/ Namaste Behind Back; Garudasana (Eagle Pose) Arms, on Hands and Knees Shoulder Retractions, on Forearms and Knees Shoulder Retractions.