Naked Muay Thai 9: Shadowboxing Technique and Mindset!

Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Gigi Jimiiji
(Level: Beginner)
Martial arts can be practiced for any reason from combat to meditation and they result in a sense of discipline, confidence and responsibility as well as a deeper understanding of human nature and the Self. Muay Thai (also called the Art of Eight Limbs or Thai boxing) is a stand-up striking art. Since the introduction of equipment and boxing rings, Muay Thai has become a competitive combat sport and is popular with MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters as a striking strategy.
This video will demonstrate how to shadowbox and explain the proper mindset for practitioners to get the most out of their shadowboxing. This method of training is used to warm up the body and the mind by having practitioners visualize fighting an imaginary opponent in order to run through their arsenal of techniques. The focus in shadow boxing should always be proper form and practitioners are welcome to pause their imaginary fight and repeat a given technique or combination as many times as it takes for it to feel comfortable. If available, a mirror or a training partner is incredibly helpful for feedback. -NYV0082A