Naked Good Night Yoga 4: Naked Yoga for Better Sleep! (Naked Yoga School) with Sage

(All Levels)
Teacher: Sage
Restorative yoga can be very useful for a better nights sleep. This can be done in the comforts of your own home and even on the bed! Our brains often have a hard time shutting off and we lay awake at night. Then the next day is ruined with the lack of sleep. Lack of sleep is very unhealthy for the body and mind and can lead to some health risks. Slow, resting movement can bring peace and mind to achieve better sleep. Different asanas and breath work can be very useful. Deep meditative breathing allows the body to release any physical tension throughout the body. Restorative asanas and mindfulness allows the body to relax and relieve  any stress or discomforts.  -NYV0100C