Naked Ballet Exercises 2 (Naked Yoga School)

Level: Intermediate)  
In this video, we will go over a few ballet concepts that focus on strengthening and building better technique and balance, namely plies and tendus. A plie, or bend of the knees, is a building block of ballet; plies are used to initiate and terminate many movements. Tendus are a brush against the floor in which the working leg does not leave the floor; from tendus, one can build up to many other movements. It is advised that those at home use a chair, barre, or table to use as support. Also, if a full-length mirror is available to check posture, that is a good tool to have on hand. The focus of these exercises is to gradually build strength, balance, and turn-out; work within your comfort zone, making sure you are doing the movements properly, and always stopping if anything feels wrong or painful to avoid injury.

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