Naked Grounding Meditation 2: Earth, Water, Air, Fire! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Maya Kamui

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Teacher: Maya Kamui
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Naked Grounding Meditation 2: Earth, Water, Air, Fire! (NAKED YOGA SCHOOL®) with Maya Kamui
“Fight, flight, freeze, fawn” is a physiological response to perceived danger. Our brains are preparing our bodies to react quickly. We can recognize this state by a quickening of the heart and breath, sweaty palms, nausea or butterflies in the stomach, dry mouth, and several other uncomfortable body sensations. Worst of all, we can lose access to our words, slowly losing connection to our own rational thinking. Smart people can’t remember their own names. While the danger may only be a projection, the fear we experience is real. If we are going to bring our bodies and brains back to neutral, we have to work with ourselves gently. Bringing Yourself Back When the body is in fight, flight (the sympathetic
system is triggered), the only way to recover stasis is to start the parasympathetic system in the body. Think of it as the body’s reset button, bringing the larger systems of the body back to normal and the brain back online.
The following grounding exercise is borrowed from the social work treatment modality and is often taught to first responders who need to be fully present when running towards life-threatening danger. Works for them, works for us! Begin with step 1 and layer the following steps, so that by step 4 you are doing all steps at once. Do the entire exercise with yours eyes open. We want to be present, not isolated. While the exercise is successful bringing you back, you may still feel nervous. Don’t worry, this is adrenaline in your body, the same chemical when we feel excited.-NYV0158C